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Press Release

Publish Date: 2/4/2014

Solid Waste Inter-Municipal Agreement

Legislature Expected to Endorse Agreement at Tonight's Special Meeting

The Montgomery County Legislature has called a special meeting for Tuesday evening to endorse an Inter-municipal Agreement between Fulton and Montgomery Counties regarding waste disposal.

"In light of the pending dissolution of MOSA, this mutually beneficial agreement will provide stability regarding waste disposal for a period of ten years as we look to address the need for a long-term solid waste plan in Montgomery," said County Executive Matt Ossenfort.

Ossenfort noted that the tentative agreement reached still needs approval from both the Montgomery County Legislature as well as the Fulton Co. Board of Supervisors although he is optimistic about its support.

"It is very encouraging that after only a little more than one month into our new government, we have the opportunity to take cooperative action with Fulton County on a very pressing issue. The clock on MOSA is ticking, but working together we were able to come to terms that benefit taxpayers in both counties," said Ossenfort.

According to the IMA, Montgomery County will pay the Fulton County Direct Haul Rate plus a fee of between 12 and 15 percent during the length of the agreement. Montgomery is also expected to benefit from reduced transportation costs and ensure no interruption in service for both individuals and municipalities in Montgomery County.

"The Legislature is very pleased that we've reached a deal," said District #5 representative Terry Bieniek, Chair of the General Services Committee. "This is certainly a step in the right direction for Montgomery County."