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Press Release

Publish Date: 12/19/2018

Montgomery County Clerk's Office Recognized During December Meeting

Legislators Commend Employees for Knowledge and Dedication to the Public

FONDA - Employees who work within the Montgomery County Clerk's Office were recognized Tuesday for their knowledge, dedication and willingness to provide excellent public service. The 15 employees who work in the County Clerk's Office received a proclamation by the County Legislature.

"It is an honor for the County Clerk's Office to be recognized for all the important work they do for the public and the county," Montgomery County Clerk Helen Bartone said.

Bartone said the County Clerk's Office is one of the busiest offices, mentioning that you will never see her staff without work.

"The County Clerk's Office is one of the busiest offices assisting the public all day long, while also generating a lot of revenue to help reduce the property tax burden," she said.

Staff works in the Record Room or the Department of Motor Vehicles. Both offices, which are within the County Clerk's Office, have their own separate state regulations to follow. Regulations change frequently and it's crucial for employees to learn new requirements and continuously apply them. Bartone said staff constantly shares new information with one another. They are also very helpful at explaining new regulations to the public.

Bartone said her staff often receives compliments about the service they provide.

"We know how to help people," Bartone said. "We usually know where to direct them [the public], if the service they are looking for is not provided in our office."

The Record Room employees consist of one assistant deputy county clerk, four index recording clerks, one accountant, one part-time account clerk typist and a vacant deputy county clerk. The principal function of the Record Room is the recording, filing, indexing and preservation of land records, court documents, naturalizations and confidential records.

"Our Records Management System keeps a record of all documents entered, along with fees collected, generating the financial reports to distribute the money to the state and county treasurer," Bartone said.

DMV staff consists of one DMV supervisor, one senior motor vehicle clerk and five motor vehicle clerks. Each of these employees are extensively trained to provide all motor vehicle transactions by law and the regulations set forth by New York State Department of Motor of Vehicles. Obtaining a learner's permit, tow truck endorsements, driver's license originals and renewals, road test appointments, out of state conversion licenses, auto registration and renewals, plate transfers, duplicate titles, surrendering plates and snowmobile registrations are only a few of the many services provided by DMV staff.

"These are only some of the services that my dedicated staff provides," Bartone said. "They do an incredible job to meet the needs of the public and perform the duties set forth by the law."

Each day the County Clerk's Office handles numerous emails, voicemails, notaries, foils, financial reports, pistol permits and frequently assists judges, attorneys, abstractors, courts, the public and other departments.

"You will at one time come to the County Clerk's Office for some reason or another," Bartone said. "The functions of the County Clerk's Office are so important to the public and county and deserve to be honored."