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Press Release

Publish Date: 5/24/2018

Second Annual Students & Educators Made of Something Stronger Breakfast Successful

County Established Event to Recognize & Celebrate Strength Exhibited By Students & Teachers

FONDA - Nominees from five school districts were recognized Friday for their academic accomplishments, volunteerism and resiliency.

Approximately 75 people filled the Winner's Circle for the second annual Students & Educators Made of Something Stronger Breakfast. Each Montgomery County school district nominated students from the senior class and a teacher who are "Made of Something Stronger." Legislative Chairman Robert Headwell Jr. initiated holding the event in 2017. Headwell, Montgomery County Executive Matthew L. Ossenfort and the County Legislature established the breakfast to recognize and celebrate the strong students and teachers who help make Montgomery County special.

"It just amazes me what the kids go through to get to their accomplishments. Their accomplishments are unbelievable," Headwell said.

Nominees, school administrators, parents, county department heads and county legislators attended the event.

"It's the ability to overcome adversity and the ability to rise to the challenge," Montgomery County Executive Matthew L. Ossenfort said about being 'Made of Something Stronger'. "We have some great stories here today that exemplify that."

Nominees at the Montgomery County Students and Educators Made of Something Stronger Breakfast Friday at the Winner's Circle.

Nominees at the Montgomery County Students and Educators Made of Something Stronger Breakfast Friday at the Winner's Circle.

An administrator from each school district introduced their nominees. Each nominee went up to the podium to receive a certificate while their administrator explained why they were nominated for the award. Each nominee also submitted a written statement regarding why they were "Made of Something Stronger." The responses were available for review on each table.

Montgomery County Emergency Services Director Jeffery T. Smith was the event's guest speaker.

"Regardless of what has taken place or what is taking place right now in your lives, we can all do better and your future can be bright and prosperous," Smith said. "As leaders in your schools, I ask that you share this message to fellow students, staff and community members."

Smith told the crowd about the four principals used in the Emergency Management Field.

"Preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation," Smith said. "I encourage you moving forward to use these principals in your everyday lives. I surmise that you already are to a certain extent because of your obvious success," he said.

Ossenfort told the honorees that they have all demonstrated perseverance

"You'll have some great times and you'll have some tough times, but what makes you a strong person is your ability to get through those difficult times," he said.

Smith told the young adults in the room to consider staying within the community. "Consider living here, raising a family here, volunteering in the community here, become a permanent part of us," Smith said. "Montgomery County has a lot to offer. You are our future, we want you, we need you and together, we are 'Made of Something Stronger.'"

The nominees and their respective school districts are listed below.

Amsterdam High School

  • Maria Bottisti
  • Samanatha Welsher
  • Prabha Singh
  • Nicolino Orengo
  • Jessica Reed

Canajoharie High School

  • Sydney Weingart
  • Louis Hand
  • Alvin Sullivan
  • Jocelyn Hammons
  • Tammy Jones

Fonda-Fultonville High School

  • Allison Codi
  • Adam DeSorbo
  • Nicholas Demitraszek
  • Kelsey Denton
  • Christopher Yarush

Fort Plain High School

  • Rhyonn Ford
  • Michael Hoffman
  • Charles Schermerhorn
  • Allysa Nellis
  • Colleen Cushing & Denise Smith

Oppenheim-Ephratah-St. Johnsville High School

  • Madison Richardson
  • Dakota Corapi
  • Laura Littrell
  • Jacob Battisti
  • Jackie Lape