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Building Permits:
Home improvements that affect the structure of a building, including roofs, siding, window replacements, bathroom and kitchen renovations, electrical and plumbing work, additions, etc., require a permit. Permits are also required for swimming pools, outbuildings, and septic and well work.
Building permit applications may be obtained at the Town Clerk's office. The permit fee must be paid with the application:

Projects costing up to $500------------ $25.00
Projects costing $500 - $25,000--------$50.00
Over $25,000----------------------------$75.00
Demolition -------------------------------$10.00
Permit Renewal Fee ---------------------$10.00
Permits are required, but a fee will not be charged, for buildings used for agricultural purposes.
Permits are not required for lawn sheds that do not exceed square footage of 10 feet by 12 feet (under 120 square feet). However, they do need to conform to basic zoning laws--- must be set back 20 feet from property lines, and not be placed in a front yard.
A minimum building lot of 3 acres, with 300 feet of road frontage, is required for new construction.
For questions regarding the permit process, please call the Town Clerk. More detailed questions about building requirements may be referred to the Code Enforcement Officer, Les Hassan, tel. 868 - 9358.


Building Permit Application