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Swift Water Flood Rescue

Swift/flood water incidents are dynamic and require rapid and effective decision-making to perform a successful and safe rescue. Situational awareness is critical during water rescue incidents to ensure safety for the victim(s) and for the rescuers.

Swift water rescue is a specialized rescue discipline, which has principles and techniques that involve a difficult and dangerous environment. Only highly trained rescuers should enter and attempt to rescue an individual caught in swift or flood waters.

Four members of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office attended and successfully completed the Swift Water Flood Rescue Technician course which was provided by the New York State Office of Fire Preventions and Control at the Homeland security and Emergency Services Training Facility in Oriskany, NY. We now have five members that are certified.

Swift Water Rescue Training - 2 people in a raft
Swift Water Rescue Training - 1 person in rough water

Swift Water Rescue Training - 1 person in rough water
Swift Water Rescue Training - people practicing rescuing a person in a raft

Swift Water Rescue Training