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Civil Office - Administrative Operations

The staff members in the Civil Division are responsible for all Income Execution cases and also the preparation of Civil Process that requires service by a Deputy.

All cases received are reviewed by staff for accuracy and the correct fees are collected for each case. Income Executions are prepared and served to debtors or their employers. Money collected is then disbursed to the Plaintiff's or their Attorneys. Money collected for fees and poundage is sent to the Montgomery County Treasurer.

All cases sent to the Civil Division should include a cover letter with specific instructions and phone numbers for the Plaintiff or Attorney, the appropriate fees and the correct amount of copies (listed below)

  • For personal service only: Original and one copy.
  • Paperwork that may be sub-served or nailed and mailed, original and four copies.
  • Income Executions: Original and six copies.
  • Property Executions: Original and five copies.
  • Warrants of Eviction: Original and four copies per person to be served.

Accident or Incident Reports:

Fees for copies of incident or accident reports are $10.00 per report, cash or money order only. If you are mailing a request for copies, please include a self-addressed stamped envelope and the case number along with a money order made out to the Montgomery County Sheriff. There may be an instance when you are required to come to the office to display proper identification before the release of the paperwork.

Note: If a specific case is considered open, you will not be able to obtain any paperwork until the proper authorization is given. When requesting service of paperwork, the Civil Division requires a certain number of copies in addition to the original paperwork to be served. For Family Court paperwork we require the original and one copy per person, for service of a summons we require the original and two copies per person, for an eviction we require the original warrant and four copies per person.

All fees are due in advance.

The Civil Division accepts cash or money orders made out to the Montgomery County Sheriff. No personal checks are accepted. See other menu options for fee information and mileage schedule.

Civil Office