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Software Patches Made Easy

Software Patches Made Easy
Did you know that Windows is not the only thing on your computer that's important to keep updated? There are critical* updates available for Internet Explorer, Acrobat Reader, Quicktime, iTunes, Firefox, Google Chrome, World of Warcraft, Flash and thousands of other programs.

There is a company, Secunia, that helps find and get these updates. They even have a program (Software Inspector) which tells you which ones you need. And it's free for home use.

You can visit their site at (please do this at home, not on your county computer) and run the free on-line scanner. It will give you a list of programs with missing patches as well as links to the actual patch.

The first time you run it you may find it a bit overwhelming, but just start going through the list, applying the patches. Once done you will have a much safer computer. There-after you can visit once a month or so to keep up-to-date.

Secunia also has a downloadable version of their Software Inspector that you install on your computer. It does a better job of identifying needed patches.

*By "critical" I mean an update that fixes a bug in a program that would allow someone to take over your computer, or otherwise seriously screw things up.

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