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Organize your Outlook Inbox

Organize your Outlook Inbox
If you're like most people your Inbox gets bigger every day.  Why not make life a little easier and set up some custom mail folders?  Then you can organize your Inbox and clear some of the clutter.
Outlook new folder

With Outlook open, and the Folder List displayed, right click your Inbox.  From the context menu select New Folder.  Provide a name such as 'Emails from the Boss' and click OK.  That's all there is to creating a new folder!

Now, how do we use it?  The simplest way to make use of your new folder is to drag messages from your Inbox to your new folder.  In your Inbox click on (and hold) an email from the boss.  Now drag it to your new folder and drop it.

Would you like Outlook to remember this and do it automatically?  Select the message that you want to move.  Then click the 'Organize' button on your toolbar.  By selecting the 'from whom' and 'into' options you can create a rule.  After it is created, every time a new message comes in, if it fits the rule it will be moved to the folder that you specified.

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Applies to Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010

Last modified at 8/9/2012 2:22 PM  by Neal Kling