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 SCAM Alerts

Posted on NOVEMBER 15th

  The Montgomery County Sheriffs Office is warning the public of a phone scam that is targeting senior citizens. The caller is from Jamaica and will claim that you have won the lottery. The caller will then tell you what is needed to claim your prize is a wire transfer of money to cover the taxes on your winnings. Based on the success of the first call this can grow to additional fees and further requests from the caller for either wired money transfers or the purchase of pre-paid money cards. The target is on elderly citizens and the scammers can be relentless. Should you receive a call of this type DO NOT wire any money because once you do the money will be gone forever. It is important for family to be proactive with loved ones who may be prone to falling for this scam. They should monitor phone calls and financial records to make sure that they are not sending money. The Montgomery County Sheriffs Office encourages anyone who may be a victim of this scam to contact your local law enforcement agency.    

Press Release

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office would like to warn the public of a recent scam affecting local victims.  There have been a few instances recently where a person will receive a phone call at home stating that if they do not provide a sum of money by western union then they will be arrested by the local Sheriff’s Office or Police Department and put in jail.  If you have a caller ID the phone number will show as an “Emergency Call”.  This is something completed with the use of a computer over the Internet, it is NOT your local law enforcement calling.   Most of these victims have some sort of outstanding loan and the people calling are stating that a payment is required to satisfy a portion of the loan, they then state that lack of providing the payment as requested will be proof that a crime has been committed, therefore scaring the victim into sending the money.   We encourage everyone to not provide any information to someone over the phone; we also encourage contacting your loan provider, bank or local law enforcement to assure that you are actually dealing with appropriate people.   Never wire or send money to anyone that you are not completely sure who the requestor may be.   Any questions please contact your local law enforcement or the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office at 673-2554,
853-5500 or 736-1850.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office encourages all citizens to contact our office should you have any questions regarding a potential scam or fraud.  The Sheriff's Office also always advises NEVER to give out personal information to anyone over the phone unless you are able to confirm the identity of the caller.  The Sheriff's Office also advises to NEVER respond to a mailing without prior proof of who and what you are dealing with. 

Just for informational purposes, the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office does not do any fundraising over the phone or by mail.  We are more than willing to assist any citizen with a questions before they become a victim of a crime.

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