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 Pistol Permits

In Montgomery County the County Court Judge is the approving authority for all pistol permits.  The Sheriff’s Office handles the initial paperwork, the background checks and the processing.  To apply for a pistol permit please click on the PDF link below, this will open all the necessary paperwork and explain the entire process.  Please follow these directions and you will be on your way to legally possessing a handgun in New York State.

Upon completion of the class and your application paperwork, including fingerprints, photos and reference letters, you must call the Civil Division to arrange an appointment to review your application for compliance with State Law.

After reviewing the paperwork and the Civil Division receives the four reference letters, the completed application will be forwarded for final approval.

Any questions may be directed to the Civil Office. 

Unrestricted Pistol Permit Request (PDF)

Dealer/Gunsmith Information/Application (PDF)


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