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 911 Addressing


911 Addressing

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office assigns 911 addresses’ to structures. We are unable to address empty lots, parcels or acreage.

We can address a property if the foundation is in or if the property has been staked out where the structure will be built. Their needs to be 4 stakes with surveyor tape that can easily be seen from the road or access point on the property.

We will also need the following information:

  • The road name
  • The township
  • Nearest neighbor (is your property on the same side?)
  • SBL number from you tax map
  • Your name and contact information 

The Sheriff’s Office will contact you with your new 911-address. When affixing numbers to your mailbox, please make sure they can easily be seen from the road on both sides. Reflective material is suggested. We want to be able to find you easily in case of emergency.

Please contact us at 518-673-2554, 518-853-5500 or 518-736-1850


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