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On May 20, 1970, New York State approved the formation of the Montgomery County Sanitary District No.1.  The approval marked the completion of almost a decade of work and provided for the development of a pollution abatement program for the Villages of Fort Plain, Nelliston, and Palatine Bridge and portions of the Towns of Canajoharie, Minden, and Palatine.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant is designed to treat an average flow of 1 million gallons a day of domestic and industrial wastes. Several pumping stations located within the municipalities convey the wastewater to the treatment facility

The treatment processes involved consist of preliminary treatment, primary clarification, secondary treatment (aeration), secondary clarification, disinfection, sludge treatment, and aerobic digestion.

Once at the facility the flow is diverted to an aerated grit chamber where the velocity is reduced to allow sand, stones, and other small inorganic materials to settle.  The wastewater then flows from the grit chamber to the primary clarifiers by gravity.  Primary treatment is the removal of course solids by settling and floatable solids by skimming.  Secondary treatment is the decomposition of the other remaining organics by biological activity in an aeration basin, which provides a controlled environment where the bacteria are exposed to the organic solids. After aeration, the wastewater flows to secondary clarifiers where the solids formed in aeration settle and are either recycled back to the aerator or wasted off into a digester for removal. Clear water flows from the secondary clarifier to the chlorine contact tanks for disinfection before being discharged into the Mohawk River. 


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