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The FMCC Transit Pass is the best way to get around! Take public transportation to school, shopping, sightseeing, events, and more! Make the FMCC Transit Pass a part of your life and have the freedom of unlimited travel throughout Fulton and Montgomery County for an entire semester!

The FMCC Transit Pass allows students currently taking classes at FMCC to purchase a semester pass for $250.00. Getting an FMCC Transit Pass means you are always ready to hop on the bus, even if you just spent your last dime on books, tunes or lunch.

The pass is available in the Bursar's Office. Passes are only sold on-site at FMCC. Passes are not sold on the buses.

The FMCC Transit Pass is valid on Gloversville Transit, Amsterdam Transit and the Montgomery Area Xpress public transportation systems for unlimited use during an entire semester!


  • Students must be taking a minimum of 6 credit or non-credit hours per week at the time of purchase to be eligible. If a student is not enrolled and not taking class during the semester of purchase then they are not eligible to purchase a pass for that particular semester.
  • Students MUST show a valid student ID and class schedule when purchasing a pass. These items are required for the Bursar's Office to issue a pass. A student may only purchase a pass for him or herself. Passes cannot be purchased for family, friends, or other students.
  • Faculty, school staff, or school administration are also eligible to purchase an FMCC Transit Pass.
  • A student/employee ID with a valid transit sticker for the current semester must be shown at all times when riding any public transit service, as Gloversville Transit, Amsterdam Transit and The Montgomery Area Xpress operators will request them.


  • Ride the bus for an entire semester at one low price
  • Greatly reduces your carbon footprint
  • Travel time becomes productive time – read or study

Download Poster (1.03mb PDF File)

Color Key
MAX Bus West
MAX Bus East
Amsterdam Transit
Gloversville Transit

Western Montgomery County Residents
St. Johnsville Kinney Drug 7:00am 11:00am 1:50pm 5:30pm
Fort Plain Behind Save-A-Lot 7:15am 11:15am 1:35pm 5:15pm
Palatine Bridge Price Chopper 7:20am 11:20am 1:30pm 5:10pm
Canajoharie Village Parking Lot 7:30am 11:30am 1:20pm 5:00pm
Fonda Mont Co Annex *** 11:55am 12:55pm 4:35pm
Fonda Mont County Office Building 8:00am 12:00pm 12:50pm  
Fort Johnson FMCC 8:45am      
Fort Johnson Stewart's   12:15pm   4:20pm
Johnstown FMCC   12:30pm   4:10pm
Italics indicates transfer stop

City of Amsterdam Residents
Amsterdam Riverfront Center 7:15am 8:20am 12:00pm 1:20pm 3:30pm 4:25pm
Amsterdam Stewarts East End 7:16am 8:21am 12:04pm *** *** ***
Amsterdam Stewarts Market Street 7:19am 8:24am 12:06pm *** *** ***
Amsterdam Stewarts Guy Park Ave 7:24am 8:29am 12:09pm *** *** ***
Fort Johnson Stewarts Fort Johnson *** *** 12:22pm *** *** 4:20pm
Johnstown FMCC 7:35am 8:45am 12:30pm 1:05pm 4:10pm ***
Fonda Mont County Office Building *** *** 12:50pm *** *** 3:50pm

Fulton County Residents
Gloversville Terminal 7:00am 8:00am 9:00am *** *** 3:10pm
Gloversville City Hall 7:03am 8:05am *** *** *** 3:12pm
Gloversville Four Corners 7:15am 8:15am 9:15am 12:30pm 1:40pm 3:15pm
Johnstown Stewarts 7:30am 8:30am 9:30am 12:45pm 1:55pm 3:30pm
Johnstown FMCC 7:45am 8:45am 9:45am 1:10pm 2:10pm 4:10pm
Johnstown Stewarts *** *** 10:00am 1:25pm 2:25pm 4:25pm
Gloversville Four Corners 8:00am *** 10:15am 1:40pm 2:40pm 4:40pm
Gloversville City Hall 8:08am *** *** *** 3:08pm ***
Gloversville Terminal 8:10am 9:00am *** *** 3:10pm ***

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