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 Adult Mental Health Services

 Adult SPOA

Single Point of Access (SPOA) for adults reviews all referrals for residential, case management and Assisted Outpatient Treatment for individuals over the age of eighteen who have been diagnosed as mentally ill.  The SPOA also assists with individual who are dually diagnosed as mentally ill and mentally retarded.  There is a standardized SPOA referral form that may be obtained from the SPOA Coordinator below:

Ms. Gwen Gyldenvand
SPOA Coordinator
57 East Fulton Street
Gloversville, New York 12095
Adult SPOA Telephone: 518-773-3525
Fax: 518-773-9103

 Residential Services

Residential Services for people who are mentally ill and/or chemically dependent

Housing for people who are mentally ill and/or chemically depdent is provided by the Mental Health Association for Fulton and Montgomery Counties Inc*., 11 Mohawk Place, Amsterdam, NY 12010, telephone 518-842-3717.  There are three group homes for adults: one specializes in young adults, another specialies in older adults and people with physical needs and third is a mixed group of adults.  There are about eight people in each residence and some capacity for respite or emergency housing.   Also, there is a group home for women with addictions and it has the ability to also house their children under the age of five years.
There is an apartment program in which peopl live in two or three bedroom apartments and share common  space and responsibilities for care of the apartment.   Staff from MHA regularly visit the apratment to assist the residence in their recovery.  These apartments are rented by MHA.
There is a "Supported Housing" program in which MHA assists the individual to obtain and setup an apartment, but the apartment belonogs to the individual and they are responsibly for maintaining it and paying for expenses.   Services are available to assist residents with money management and obtaining services. 

 All people in the residential programs are required to participate in mental health treatment and/or chemical dependency treatment services.  The goal of all of the residential programs is rehabilitation and recovery to a residence of their own with vocational and educational opportunities.  If you are seeking a residential housing opportunity you should contact the Single Point of Access Coordinator at 518-773-3559.


 Advocacy Services

There are a variety of advocacy services available for people with a mental illness and their families.  These services are provided to both children and adults.  The Mental Health Association for Fulton and Montgomery Counties*, 307-309 Meadow Street, Johnstown, New York 12095 762-5332, provides "Peer Ombudsman Services" which are individuals who have received mental health services and they assist others in accessing the system of care and coping with the challenges of their illness.  Information and referral services to assist individuals seeking help and their families find the help that they need.  Family Support Services for children with mental health problems and their families.  "Compeer for Youth and Adults" which provides volunteers to help people learn to live fully in the community despite their illness.  "Representative Payee" services for individuals who can live in the community, but need assistance with managing their personal finances.   A "Drop In Center" for adults with mental illness so that they can socialize with their peers in an accepting environment.  "Handy Ups and Downs" is a second hand store that employs people with mental illness collecting, sorting and retailing second hand clothing.

The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of Montgomery, Fulton and Hamilton Counties*, PO Box 904, 2414 Riverfront Center, 2nd Fl., Amsterdam, NY 12010 telephone 843-3261 supports and advocates for families of people with mental illness in the three county area.  The all volunteer organization provides support groups for family members and information about accessing services. 
Resource Center for Independent Living (RCIL)* 347 West Main Street, Amsterdam, NY 12010 telephone 842-3561 provides adocacy and support services for people with all types of disabilities including mental illness and mental retardation.  The organization is part of the "independent living movement" among people with disabilities and emphasizes the individuals right to make choices and guide their own lives.


 Inpatient Hospitalization

St. Mary's Hospital in Amsterdam has 20 Inpatient Psychiatric beds to provide care to people with serious mental health problems. The patients are provided with medications and counseling to help to stabilize their situation. The average length of stay is 5 days, about average in New York State, after which patients are encouraged to participate in a variety of outpatient programs. Admission to the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit is typically through presentation at the Emergency Dept. at St. Mary's Hospital. If you believe you or a loved one need such care you should go to the Emergency Dept. at St. Mary's Hospital or in the event of an imminent risk of harm you should call 911 and ask for help.

 Assisted Outpatient Services (AOT)

Also known as "Kendra's Law", AOT services are Court mandated services provided to individuals who have been hospitalized twice in the past three years or who have been hospitalized or arrested in the past year as a result of violent behavior. The indiviudal may be ordered by the Court to participate in any number of mental health and addiction services to help them live safely and responsibly in the community. Court mandates are time limited and subject to Court review.

 Case Management

There are three different intensities of Case Management Services, which may be obtained by applying to the Single Point of Access (SPOA). The individual's therapist, physician or family can apply for services. There is Basic Case Management which assists with the basic needs of obtaining benefits to pay for services, referrals to housing organizations and obtaining various Outpatient Services. Intensive Case Management (ICM) provides one case manager for every 12 indidivuals and the case manager's role is to assist the individual in obtaining any needed services in the community.

 Case Management Services

Case Management Services are provided to individuals with serious mental health needs. The services assist the individual to navigate the mental health and human services system, to enable them to obtain the services which they need; to find a safe place to live; to obtain health care; to obtain social services; and to seek employment opportunities. There are different levels of intensity in Case Management Services depending on the individuals needs at any given time. If you believe that you or a loved one could benefit from these services you should contact the Single Point of Access Coordinator at 577-318-3559

 Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS)

PROS is a new "day service program" operated by St. Mary's Hospital. It replaced the "Social Club", the Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services Program (IPRT) and the Continuing Day Treatment Program (CDT). Individuals attend a variety of classes and receive individual counseling to assist them in their recovery from their mental health problems and to rebuild their personal, educational and vocational lives. If you believe that you or a loved one could benefit from this program, you should call 518-841-3676.

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