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 County Clerk Fee Schedule


        8019(B) Whenever a paper or document presented to a County Clerk for filing or recording is not legible or otherwise suitable for copying or recording by the imaging process, the County Clerk may require a legible or suitable copy thereof, along with such paper or document and the same fees shall be payable for copy as are payable for the original paper or document.

Cover Page Fee (Computer Generated)
Include self-addressed stamped envelope
Power of Attorney
Release of Lien of Real Estate
Certificate of Redemptions
Liens, Easements
Land Contract
Basic Fee $40.00
Plus $5.00 per page
Plus $.50 for noting over two Names
Capital Gains Tax Affidavit - TP584 $5.00
Real Property Transfer Report RP5217 $125.00 or $250.00
Real Estate Transfer Tax $4.00 per thousand

Mortgage Tax 3/4 of 1% of Mortgage
Affidavit - (Original and one Copy) $5.00

 Lis Pendens
File and Record in addition to Index Number Fee & To Amend $35.00
To Cancel $35.00

 Mechanics Liens
Filing $15.00
Affidavit of Service $5.00
Discharge by Payment into Court $3.00
Satisfaction or Cancel No Fee

Building and Loan Agreement $25.00
Federal Tax Lien Filings $40.00
Public Welfare Lien No Fee

Any Other Instrument $5.00
Military Discharge (DD214) No Fee

 Civil Actions (Includes Divorces, Separations. etc.)
Agreements-Separations $5.00
Index Number-Issuance $210.00
Index Number-Residential Foreclosure $400.00
RJI: (original plus 3 copies) $95.00
Note of Issue (original plus 2 copies)  
    Non Jury $30.00
    Jury Trial $65.00
Motion/Order/Judgement $45.00
Notice of Appeal $65.00
Stipulation of settlement/voluntary  
    Discontinuance $35.00
    Disolution of Marriage
   (Department of Health Certificate)
SCARS Petitions $30.00

Docket & Enter a Default Judgement $45.00
Satifaction of Judgement No Fee
Transcript of Judgement  
   - Filing $10.00
   - Issue a Transcript $5.00
Certificate of Disposition  
   - Issue $5.00
   - To File No Fee
   - Exemplified Copy $10.00

 Assumed Name or Partnership (DBA's)
Certificate of Doing Business As, Partnership & Amendment $25.00
Discontinuance No Fee
Certify a Prepared Copy $6.00
Blank DBA Forms (available at County Clerks Office)
Form also available on the County Clerk Forms page
No Fee

 Only UCC's relating to real estate are filed in the County Clerk's office -others are sent to the Department of State
To File $40.00
Searches $25.00

 Notary Publics
Renewal (4 years) $60.00
Certificate Authentication Notary $3.00

 Oath of Office
To File or Administer
(Except for Notary)
No Fee

 Pistol Permits
Transfer to or from another County $5.00

 Search (requests by mail only)
Civil Action, Judgement, Lien & Mortgage, etc
(every 2 years searched)

Veterans Discharge, Filing or (DD-214) No Fee
Veterans Peddlers License No Fee

Of recorded or filed documents $.25 per page
Prepared by County Clerk Office $1.00 per page
To prepare and certify a copy $4.00 plus $1.00 per page of document

 Passports (Fees as of 2/1/2008)
 Must submit original Birth Certificate w/raised seal and two 2x2 photos
 ** As of 7/18/2001 - All children must appear in person - also consent for passport issuance will be required by BOTH parents for children 15 years old or under. One parent if 16-18 years of age.
* County Fee (check or cash) $25.00 separate check
* Federal Fee (check or money order - NO CASH)
  Adult (16 years of age or older)
  Minor (15 years of age or younger)
$110.00 separate check
$80.00 separate check
To Expedite a passport additional $60.00 plus $12.72 postage
Photos $10.00

 Passport Card
* County Fee (check or cash) $25.00 separate check
* Federal Fee (check or money order - NO CASH)
  Adult (16 years of age or older)
  Minor (15 years of age or younger)
$20.00 separate check
$10.00 separate check
 * Federal Fee: please make check or money order payable to U.S. Dept of State.
 * County Fee: please make check or money order payable to Montgomery County Clerk.  Cash is only excepted for the county fee.

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