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 Using the New Voting Machines

Please click here * to view a video (on Youtube) on using the new machines.

For a printable copy of these instructions please click here.

Starting with the 2010 elections, Montgomery County will be using a new voting system. Due to New York State regulations, we can no longer use the lever machines. The new system uses paper ballots that are counted by a scanner and stored after the election. It is very simple and can be broken down into three steps.

Step 1

Sign in at your appropriate table, you will be handed a paper ballot and privacy sleeve and directed towards a privacy booth.

Step 2

Fill in the ovals corresponding to the candidates you wish to vote for.

  • Use the provided felt tip marker
  • Fill in the oval as completely as possible or you may write-in the name of your choice at the bottom
  • Try to avoid making stray marks on the ballot

Mark your choices like this:

Review your selections and insert your ballot into the privacy sleeve.

*Do not try and correct or erase any marks. If you make a mistake, see an inspector for a replacement ballot*

Step 3

Carry your ballot to the scanner in the privacy sleeve provided by inspectors at sign in.

  • There should be a small part of your ballot sticking out of the end of the sleeve.
  • Insert this part of the ballot into the scanner
  • The scanner will automatically remove your ballot from the privacy sleeve, wait for the display 'Ballot Successfully Cast' before walking away.

For a printable copy of these instructions please click here.