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 Employment Opportunities

The people you see at the polling site are Election Inspectors. They are citizens from the community who have been trained to help protect the honesty of the election and to help voters on Election Day. Their job involves making certain that only registered voters who live in that district are allowed to vote. They are also there to answer any questions voters may have and to assist voters with disabilities, if they ask.

There are other people that you may not see who are also valuable to the Election Day process. These are the Voting Machine Technicians and Couriers. The technicians’ responsibilities involve assisting office staff with pre-election testing of all voting machines and Election Day service calls.
The couriers’ duties are to transport the results to the Board of Elections after the polls close at 9 pm.

We are always looking for dedicated voters to serve as election workers for Primary and General Elections held in March, September and November. These citizens will be placed at the voting locations throughout Montgomery County.

  • Must be a registered voter in Montgomery County (18 years or older)
  • Represent either the Republican or Democratic Party
  • Enjoy people and service to others

You will be required to attend a training class once a year. The County will reimburse you for attendance and for serving.
In most election years, you will be expected to work twice a year. Primary Election Day (September): Hours to work are from 11:00 AM until after 10 PM General Election Day (November): Hours to work are from 5:00 AM until after 10 PM

If you are interested in any of the positions, please contact our office for more information.