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Q: Who needs to file financial reports with the state?
A: If you plan to raise or spent an aggregated amount of $1,000 or more you will need to complete a CF-04 form, Candidate Campaign Finance Registration Form to obtain your Filer ID # and Pin from the NYS BOE. You will need this for all filings with the NYS BOE. All filling with the state are done electronically via computer. Once you reach the $1,000 threshold you can no longer file with the County BOE, you are required to file with the state.

Q: What do I need to file if I will have a committee?
A: If you plan on having a committee you will need to complete a CF-16 form, Candidate’s Authorization for a Committee to Make Campaign Financial Disclosures.

Q: Who must file financial reports?
A: Anyone who is running for a County, Congressional, Senate or Assembly position.

Q: If I am running for a local position do I have to file?
A: If the town or cities population is less than 10,000 and you do not plan to spend or raise an aggregated amount of $1,000 you can file a CF-05 Form, Candidate or Committee Claim of Exemption.

Q: Which towns and cities have a population of over 10,000?
A: The City of Amsterdam has a population over 10,000 at this time. You will be required to file the CF-01 form NYS BOE Disclosure Statement for each financial disclosure date that applies to you.

Q: If I am required to file a CF-01 and I am not in a Primary Election do I need to file financial forms for the Primary Election Dates?
A: NO only the General Election dates.

Q: If I file with the state do I have to file with the county also?
A: No, the state changed the law last year so you do not have to file duplicate filings.

Q: Where do I get these forms?
A: These forms can be obtained either by going to the Board of Elections in Fonda, or visiting the NYS BOE website at 
click on campaign finance.

Q: Is there a handbook that tells me what I must claim?
A: Yes, you can look at or print a copy of the NYS BOE’s handbook at, you will find it at the right hand side of the screen, at the bottom, click on 2010 Campaign Finance Disclosure Handbook.

Q: Is there a handout with all of the Elections Dates?
A: Yes, you may pick one up at the Montgomery County BOE in Fonda, or by clicking on the link under "Downloads and Other Information"

If you have any questions please call the Montgomery County Board of Elections at (518) 853-8180 or go to the NYS BOE website


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