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Traffic Ticket Reductions

If you wish to request a reduction of your traffic ticket you must do the following:

  1. Enter a plea of not guilty on all charges with the Court where your ticket is pending.  There is a space provided on your ticket to sign and enter your plea.  Follow the instructions on your ticket and return it in advance of the initial appearance date to the Court where your ticket is pending.  If you cannot locate your ticket, contact the Court where your ticket is pending.  For a list of Courts click here.  PLEASE NOTE FAILURE TO RESPOND TO YOUR TICKET BY THE DATE SPECIFIED ON YOUR TICKET MAY RESULT IN A SUSPENSION OF YOUR DRIVING PRIVILEGES.
  2. Advise the Court where your ticket is pending that you wish to speak to the District Attorney’s Office  for a reduction.  You may do this via a letter when you enter a plea.
  3. If you wish to speak in person with an Assistant District Attorney, please contact the court where your ticket is pending and ask to be added to an ADA night calendar.  You must then appear on the date and time specified by Court and an ADA will speak to you regarding your ticket and offer you a reduction in person.
  4. If you wish to handle your ticket by mail please mail the following items to our office.
    1. A copy of your ticket, driving history and a letter requesting that your ticket be reduced.  Include in your letter your address, telephone number and email address if any.  You may, if you wish, explain any facts or circumstances you deem relevant and/or include any supporting documents you wish.  You are under no obligation to explain any facts or circumstance or include any supporting documents.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ANY INFORMATION YOU INCLUDE IN YOUR LETTER AND/OR SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION MAY BE USED AGAINST YOU IN THE EVENT YOUR CASE PROCEEDS TO TRIAL.
    2. A self addressed stamped envelope.


Upon receipt of your reduction request one of our Assistant District Attorney’s will review the matter and a reduction will be sent to you by mail.  Once you receive the returned reduction in the mail you must:

  1. Sign the bottom of form and return it to the Court where your ticket is pending.  Do not send any payment with the returned consent.  The Court must also agree to your offer and may impose a different fine.  Please wait to send payment until you receive a fine notice from the Court where your ticket is pending.  The fine notice will include instructions on how to pay your fine.

Please note that it may take a few weeks to process your request.  We appreciate your patience.  Please also note that our office makes no communication with the Court regarding your ticket.  It is your obligation to abide by any appearance dates set by the Court.  If you have any questions about your consent please contact our office.


For a list of courts, click here


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