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Sheriff's Anonymous Tip Submission

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Last updated June 30, 2014

Is my tip submission really anonymous?
Unless you provide it, there is no way for us to get your name, email address, or contact information when you submit information.

When you visit a web page on our site your IP address is recorded. Under some circumstances this will uniquely identify your computer. Although your IP address is not submitted to the Sheriff, it might be possible to correlate a given tip to a given IP address. See the next question.

How can I submit a tip and remain truly anonymous?
Use an anonymizing proxy. If you browse to our website via a proxy it will be the proxy's IP address that is recorded, and it will be virtually impossible to identify your computer.

The subject of anonymizing proxies is beyond the scope of this page. However we offer the following resource: click this link to browse Google for anonymous proxies.

You could also submit your tip from a public access computer that has internet access, such as one at the library or a restaurant.

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